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Welcome to the new and improved website of scalderphotography and it’s companion blog.  I hope this will become an enjoyable,  interactive site sharing knowledge and ideas and constructive commentary.  I plan to relate some things that I have learned during my decades of photography and I also want to learn from my readers as you share your experiences and knowledge.   I hope  the areas I am interested in and enthusiastic about  will also be yours.    As we begin to create a meeting place for people to talk about  photography a wide range of topics will be welcome and I  invite your participation.  In the immediate future, I’ll talk about my recent adventures to an easilly accessible  wetland which is a goldmine for bird photography.

After about a year of research, I hired someone to redesign my Photoshelter website and extend the same theme to my  blog.  This is my inaugural post so if you are reading it,  please let me know what you think about the results of the website design.  I welcome feedback.

I am quite pleased  with the web designer and would like to send a huge Thank You to   Alexandru Vita for his wonderful and amazingly patient work!   I highly recommend Alex for web design and SEO. Alex is very easy to work with and listens to your ideas and then brings them to completion.



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