Bosque del Apache-SandHill Crane

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Sandhill Crane coming in for a landing with wings outstretched (sandra calderbank)

I recently went on my very first trip to Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico! I highly recommend this breathtaking wildlife refuge. It sits in the foothills of of the Chupadera and San Pascual Mountains in New Mexico on the Rio Grande River. It is the wintering home for hundreds of thousands of migratory birds. It is an indescribable experience to watch and hear thousands of Sandhill cranes and/or Snow geese land or take off in unison. We had very interesting weather with 9 inches of snow but I was able to get lots of unique images of birds in the snow. When I returned home to NC my computer died so I am only beginning to process images. Many more to come!!!

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