Photographer’s Selection Revisited

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I posted the following on my blog about a month after subscribing to Photographers Selection:

I have recently been invited to join a select group of photographers on a new endeavor. The invitation was graciously extended to me by Jan Keteleer who is an internationally known, award winning fine art photographer from Belgium. His extraordinary work can be seen on his website Jan Keteleer.
I am honored to join this new venture Photographers’Selection.Photographers’ Selection is a website  dedicated to promoting quality professional craftsmanship.  I see a unique opportunity for marketing and promotion of my photography in this new website. I greatly appreciate and feel blessed to have this chance to display my work.  I hope you will visit the site!

Fast Forward one month:
I have had sporadic sales from my website, scalderphotography but my Search Engine Optimization was sketchy at best. I advertised on Google,  I read several giant boring books on the subject resulting in extremely good sleep……. I also completed all the suggested tasks to optimize my site. As I mentioned, I have had intermittent sales over the last 2 years but nothing seemed to increase the traffic to my site. When Jan invited me to join, I saw an excellent opportunity to promote my photography. After joining in the basic mode and reading all Jan’s plans and careful observance, I decided on the Advanced subscription. As you can see from the Google Analytics, the visitors to my site have increased dramatically and my sales have increased enough in the last two months to pay for my subscription for the YEAR!

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