Common Murre

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The Common Murre is known as the Thin Billed Murre in North America but they are also known as the Common Guillemot Uria aalge. They spend most of their life at sea, only coming in off the water to breed. This particular Murre is a Bridled Morph. It has a white ring around it’s eye that extends back as a white line. So this one is a bridled morph, thin billed murre, common murre and common guillemot……. Whatever they are called they are fascinating birds. They can dive up to 500 feet and “swim” in the water much better than they maneuver in flight. They don’t build nests. Instead they lay their egg on rocks or the ground or on a ledge. The egg is shaped so that it rolls in a circle instead of rolling over the ledge if it is disturbed!

This is one interesting bird!

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