Long-Billed Thrasher

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This Long-Billed Thrasher came out in front of my camera, and I took multiple photographs before I realized that it wasn’t a Brown Thrasher. I was in a bird blind in South Texas, and thankfully a Texan was with me and identified this beauty. Later, as I studied my images and had time to inspect the differences, it was obvious. The bill is darker, longer, and curved. The face of the Long-Billed Thrasher is grayer, and the breast streaks are blacker. I didn’t recognize any of that while I was eagerly taking pictures. The Long-Billed Thrasher uses its long curved bill to rummage on the ground for insects and berries. I learned that the Long-Billed Thrasher lives only in a small section of South Texas in the Rio Grande Valley and northeastern Mexico. They are year-round residents of these areas, so any time is a great time to spot one of these elegant Thrashers! 

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