Ruffed Grouse

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This Ruffed Grouse took me for quite a hike while I followed behind struggling to get a photograph. I could see the movement of the wildflowers and weeds, but no creature as it made its way slowly along the forest floor. These birds are well-camouflaged. I was in Moose Horn National Wildlife Refuge searching around for opportunities to photograph. This Ruffed Grouse finally presented itself in this clearing and allowed me to snag a quick image. I thought it was a partridge until I consulted my bird book. It looks like a chicken. The name Ruffed Grouse comes from the display that the male makes as it erects neck feathers to create a “ruff” around its neck like a collar. The male also fans their tail and produces a drumming noise to attract a female. When they are not displaying the male and female look the same so I don’t know if this is a male or a female

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