Chasing the colorful Grosbeak

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For two years now a male Rose-Breasted Grosbeak has temporarily appeared in my back yard. He was apparently traveling somewhere north of the Blue Ridge Mountains to spend the summer. I had a narrow window of about three days to nab a photo of this colorful bird. Last year he led me on an elusive chase but this year I got one unobstructed, three second opportunity to photograph this colorful bird. I also was fortunate enough to hear his melodic song. I hope next year he comes back and brings his sweetie and decides to stay and raise a family. The mountains are a nice place to live. Male Rose-Breasted Grosbeak perched in Hemlock (SandraCalderbank, sandra calderbank)

Limpkin Feeding Chicks

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Adult Limpkin transferring an apple snail to it's downy chick with beak opren (SandraCalderbank, sandra calderbank)Limpkin adult feeding apple snaill to it's downy chick, snail is in chick's mouth (SandraCalderbank, sandra calderbank)

I had the privilege of coming upon a pair of adult Limpkins feeding their six downy chicks by the edge of the water in Viera Wetlands. It was such a gift to be part of this wonderful activity. The adults would catch the Apple Snails, then crack the shells and feed just the meat of the snail to their baby chicks. What a treat!