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Did I Really Just Miss that Fish?

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Bald Eagle DIving for fish and missing the fish. Fish is behind the Eagle in the water (sandra calderbank)

I watched this Eagle fly around The Bear Swamp Pool at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge recently. The adult was flying with two juveniles and seemed to be “showing off” his hunting skills. I know I know, I’m probably anthropomorphizing but it made a good story as I watched their behavior. It was quite a sight when the adult missed his target! It really wasn’t the day for that lucky fish to become food.

What am I going to do with this Fish?

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Great Blue Heron with a very large fish impaled on beak (Sandra Calderbank, sandra calderbank)



I know, Great Blue Heron images are very common but did you look at the size of that fish? I was treated to quite a show as I watched the Great Blue Heron spear this fish repeatedly and lose it and spear it again and again. The fish was still alive and struggling and almost got away. Then the Heron attempted to fly. It was unable to get airborne with this big fish so he stumbled over into the weeds and laboriously maneuvered it until he finally swallowed this big fish!