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Green Jay lifting off in flight

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I photographed this Green Jay lifting off in flight from a dead branch. The Green Jay’s range is from a tiny part of southern Texas to Honduras where they live year-round. The Green Jay is not migratory so you are likely to experience these vivid birds any time of the year in southernmost Texas, Mexico, and Honduras. These beautiful birds are brilliant green, yellow, and blue. They are noisy garrulous and entertaining to watch and photograph.

Green Jay

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This beautiful Green Jay is known locally in southernmost Texas as the Rio Grande Jay. The Green Jay has such brilliant colors! This one was kind enough to land on this stump surrounded by red pencil cactus. They are very social and are usually in family flocks like other members of the Jay family. This brightly colored bird lives in the tropics with only a very small area of South Texas fortunate enough to encounter this iridescent species.