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Roseate Spoonbill in flight, descending against soft blue sky (sandra calderbank)
There isn’t very much in nature that is naturally pink except for flowers so who can resist a pink bird?
The Roseate Spoonbill has bright pink wings and dark pink “shoulders”. These birds have a large spatula shaped bill and a naked head. The spoonbill makes it easy for them to catch  the crustaceans they love to eat. They are wading birds, and the only Spoonbill species in the Western Hemisphere.  These large birds are a beautiful shade of pink apparently because of their diet but they are gorgeous in flight and they are PINK!

Harbor Seal on a “haul-out” site

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Harbor Seal lying on small island off coast of Machias Seal Island, Maine (sandra calderbank)

Harbor Seals tend to rest in familiar areas, also know as “Haul-Out” sites. I photographed this gorgeous Harbor Seal off the coast of Machias Seal Island, Maine in the North Atlantic Ocean. They swim in when the tide is high and are left to bask and rest when the tide goes out. They do their fishing on the high tide. The cold water of the Gulf of Maine leads to frequent fog in the summer but the cold water, holding more dissolved oxygen, leads to abundant fish for the seals. This image was captured from a boat and was very difficult because it was foggy with dim light combined with the movement of the boat!