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Least Tern in flight on a very cloudy day

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Least Tern in flight against a very cloudy sky (sandra calderbank)

This image of a Least Tern in flight on a very dark overcast day was possible only because I increased my ISO beyond my usual comfort level. I don’t normally, even attempt to photograph birds in flight on days that are this dark because I don’t like the noise that results from the high ISO settings that are necessary to result in an adequate shutter speed for birds in flight. This image was shot at ISO 500, 1/1600th shutter speed.

Hooded Merganser

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Male Hooded Merganser with crest lowered, sitting on shore of pond (sandra calderbank)

I spotted this beauty sitting on the shore of a pond in the Viera Wetlands in April. It is a male Hooded Merganser. The strikingly large crest on his head is folded back. I watched him for a while as he sat on the shore, appearing to be waiting for something. Just as I was ready to move on, he raised his fan shaped crest. I learned later that raising the crest is part of his displaying behavior. The next day I found him again sitting in the same spot but this time he was accompanied by a female Hooded Merganser. They scooted away before I could get their photograph. I guess that huge crest has lots of sex appeal because I didn’t see the pair again!
Male Hooded Merganser standing on shore with crest raised, displaying (sandra calderbank)